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Discussion Guide 2015

A video series from Modern Machine Shop, the SME Education Foundation and AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology describes careers in manufacturing. DVDs were sent to middle and high schools along with these discussion guides.

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Designing and building a metal mold is an important step in the manufactur- ing process that offers numerous growth opportunities for motivated young professionals. For example, to create this check valve a program manager, mold designer, machinist, CT engineer, plastics engineer and project engineer work together using current technologies and strategies to make the mold and end use part. To ensure that a steady stream of young, solid candidates is always available for its program management, engineering, design and machining positions NyproMold uses a "grow your own" recruitment philosophy. MOLDMAKING MATTERS: Your Career Can Make a Difference 4 — MoldMaking Technology This is a check valve. It is spliced into the tubing of an IV (intravenous) bag and controls the back and forth flow of blood or other liquid that goes in or out of a patient's body. It helps save people's lives. And it exists because of manufacturing and the people dedicated to making the products that help to improve the quality of our lives. To manufacture even this little plastic part is not simple. The process begins by designing it, determining its size, its shape and how it will work. This design is then used to build a metal impression of the part, called a mold. Moldmaking involves design and machining (using software and machines to cut the metal for the mold), plus mea- surement and plastics engineering (which requires math skills for accurate measurement and science to understand the characteristics of plastics). Once the mold is made, it is loaded into a press and gives shape to liquid plastic that is injected into the mold, cooled and hardened. Molds can pro- duce many parts at one time, which is one reason they are so important. To get a good part, the mold must be tough and accurate. This is where cre- ative, technology-minded people are key. The company that made this mold is NyproMold, a large mold manufacturer with a team of more than 160 people who use a variety of technology, including computer software and machining centers, to make the plastic injection molds that make products such as cell phones, bot- tles and medical parts like the check valve. So who are the people who work in mold man- ufacturing, and what would your work look like if you pursued a mold manufacturing career? For the answer, let's look at the team who helped create this lifesaving check valve.

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