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Discussion Guide 2015

A video series from Modern Machine Shop, the SME Education Foundation and AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology describes careers in manufacturing. DVDs were sent to middle and high schools along with these discussion guides.

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Discussion Questions After watching the video online or on the DVD, answer the following questions: 1. A _______________________ is used in conjunction with an IV bag to control the back and forth flow of blood or other liquid in or out of the patient's body. 2. There are many steps to making a plastic part. An essential one is designing and building a ________ which requires _____________, _____________ and _________. 3. _________ predicts how the plastic will flow in the mold. 4. The mold is placed in a __________, where it gives shape to the liquid plastic as it cools and hardens during the_______________ process. 5. ____________is the science of inspecting parts that come out of a mold for good quality, sometimes using _____________. FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS: 1. This team is critical for making a lifesaving medical device called a check valve, which is used to control the flow of necessary fluid into an IV bag for hospital patients. What are some other important medical devices? 2. What skills do you need to be a successful mold engineer? 3. Other than technical skills, what skills are necessary to be successful in a manufacturing career? 4. Advanced technology is used to build molds. What exciting technology did you see? 5. Plastic products are used every day, everywhere, and molds are used to make many of them. Can you list some other products made from molds? 6. Do you now want to learn how other products are made? If so, which ones? 7. Which job is the most exciting to you and why? 8. How do you think each team member feels about his/her career choice? 9. There are many paths to acquiring the skills needed to have a successful career in manufacturing. These include apprentice/technical training certifications, two-year associate degree programs and university degrees. Did this video teach you the value of continuing your education? Explain. 10. Has this video helped you see manufacturing in a better light? Explain. cutting tools simulation check valve injection molding metrology press CT scanning mold CAD software CNC machines WORD BANK: Use the word bank for questions 1- 5. MOLDMAKING MATTERS: Your Career Can Make a Difference — 11

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