Manufacturing Education Series

VOL.3 2013

A video series from Modern Machine Shop, the SME Education Foundation and AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology describes careers in manufacturing. DVDs were sent to middle and high schools along with these discussion guides.

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fEaTUrE What is it Like to Study Manufacturing? Discussion Questions After watching the two videos on YouTube or on DVD, answer these questions: Use the WORD BANK for questions 1-5. WORD BANK 3D models endurance electronics fxtures materials physics quickly skill synergy technology two-year x-rays 1. Unlike the past, when manufacturing usually involved repetitive manual work, manufacturing jobs today require high levels of _____________________ because the work makes use of advanced _____________________. 2. Rock Valley College, a school teaching manufacturing engineering technology, is an example of a _____________________ community college. 3. Clinkenbeard, the manufacturer in one of these videos, makes fnished parts from _____________________ designed with a computer. 4. The work of the student team involved _____________________ for holding parts within Clinkenbeard's metal-cutting machines. The team devised a system for setting up these machines more _____________________. 5. According to one of the students, subjects he is learning in college courses to prepare for a manufacturing career include _____________________, _____________________ and strength of _____________________. MANUFACTURING EDUCATION SERIES

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